Another Update

It’s been really quiet here, and I’m sorry for that. But if you could do me a small favour, could you please click on this link? A thousand thank you’s if you do.


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An Update.

I haven’t said anything for a long time. Truthfully, I haven’t been writing much. I’ve stopped writing poetry. I probably won’t start again. I have my reasons. I might detail them one day. If I care enough.

But I had the time of my life in Kyoto. So there’s that. So see you all soon. Or maybe not. I’ll see how things shake out.

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Dharma Doll

Designed by Toyoaki Kawai.

Last update for a while. I’m going to Kyoto for sixteen days. See you on the flip side.

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Bodhisattva of Kannon

Designed by Toyoaki Kawai.

Pleased with how this turned out.

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Designed by Toyoaki Kawai.

One of these days I’ll make out that can stand up on it’s own. Getting the faces right though.

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hopscotch pattern

moon chops through clouds swelled with wind
by neither wind nor hand a lute wanders hundred year tunes
a gathering of umbrellas in hopscotch pattern hope for night rain
a sandle hops into night black the words will have to swirl


wind swelled clouds part before the chopping moon
with no owner a lute plays a hundred year sorrow
waiting for rain umbrellas hop in dipper patterns
a sandle enters into night words frozen in empty mind


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More yokai things and thing to do with yokai.

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Strangers Watch

crescent moon fades into the empty sky
a women’s hair unfurls, and unfurls as rice stocks sink, and sink
a neighbours gaze cranes over a wall of a thousand bricks
words simply won’t come to roost under a strangers watch


Crescent moon retreats into an empty sky,
rice stocks plummet as a women’s hair grows long.
Over heaven tall walls a passerby arches her gaze,
words simply won’t roost under a strangers watch.


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Image two found here:

Walking in a yokai wonderland.

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Image of Buddha having a halo

Designed by Toyoaki Kawai.

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Seated figure of Kannon

Designed by Toyoaki Kawai.

Actually really happy with this.

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Monk chanting a sutra

Designed by Toyoaki Kawai

Needs some more work, but it’s good for now.

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