Godzilla Enjoys Watching French Surreal Films

Godzilla’s raids on Japan are often assumed to be acts of aggression and are dealt with as such. What they really are though is Godzilla’s attempts to discuss his views on French Surreal films. And as always what starts off as an attempt to engage in an intellectual discussion ends in Godzilla retaliating and laying waste to various parts of Japan. Fights with other monsters are simply heated discourses over various films and directors. Two of King Ghidorah’s heads feel that Emak-Bakia by Man Ray is simply better than Entr’acte by René Clair, much to Godzilla’s consternation. King Ghidorah’s third head actually has a preference for the films of Futurism. Gigan thinks that La Coquille et le clergyman is easily the best surreal film. Godzilla, once again can’t help but disagree. Anguirus however often agrees with Godzilla’s opinions and aids him in many of his dialogues.

Godzilla’s visits to the mainland are often chaotic but all he wants is that his views on French Surreal film be accepted, and perhaps, just perhaps be published in a periodical.

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A person who enjoys writing short story things, poetry and other random things that come into my head.
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1 Response to Godzilla Enjoys Watching French Surreal Films

  1. Dr. Kronner says:

    Godzilla was one of the biggest influences on my life as a child. I appreciate his outlook, and I feel he has helped shape me into the person I am.

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