The City of Ikue

Ways of remembering ones dead are many and varied. The dead have been buried, cremated and immortalized in statue and monument. For the city of Ikue none of these were enough. Ikue needed a much more grand, and majestic way of remembering their dead. After much deliberation and discussion they happened upon a solution that would immortalize there dead in a way befitting their grand contribution to the society of Ikue.

Ikue decided to construct their city out of the bones of their ancestors. This serves two purposes for Ikue. It properly venerates the dead of Ikue and it means that Ikue’s dead continue to contribute to society. In fact it is they who support it. And it is just not humans either. Animals are considered to be sacred and their bones are also used in the construction of Ikue.

To see Ikue with ones own eyes is a sublime experience. Rows of houses constructed from skeletons, both animal and human. Towers supported by elephant bones and libraries fused together by skeletal bird wings. Streets paved with femurs and walls made of skulls, both animal and human.

To an outsider the effect is quite startling, but for the locals it is quite normal and re – assuring. In most cases. Ikue’s population see the dead supporting their very existence and feel the need to continue the dead’s legacy in their own lives. But for some it is a burden for they see the dead always looking down upon them, judging them.

Ikue’s means of construction is problematic. Ikue’s very existence is predicated on death. Death often takes time. Ikue’s development has slowed to a crawl, becoming stalled and stagnant. All the grave yards have been raided, and construction materials are not plentiful. Word has spread of a dangerous black economy were murders are taking place and bones being sold to construction companies, no questions asked.

Ikue is a city that requires death in order to exist. The longer things live the more Ikue suffers.


About skyraftwanderer

A person who enjoys writing short story things, poetry and other random things that come into my head.
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