The City of Lise

A city can be built of many things. Stone, wood, concrete, steel and many other types of materials. The city of Lise is constructed of words. All of its infrastructure and buildings, they have all been built with words.

The decision to use words as a means of construction was a conscious one by the residents of Lise. They saw words used in books, on signs and heard them when they spoke to one another. But they realised that words have no concrete existence and that they are merely human constructs. So the population of Lise decided to give words a tangible existence. They plucked words from the air and trapped them in containers. They wrote out words and took them off the page. They took words from the pages of books and removed words from signs and billboards.

Once they had amassed the words necessary to create their new city construction began in earnest. The sewers were built with the dirtiest words. Roads, railways, building foundation and bridges were made with the strongest and most reliable words. Homely and clean words were used in building houses and suburbs. Educational facilities, libraries and museums were constructed out of academic and cultural words. The lofty and majestic words contributed to the tallest and most magnificent of buildings. And last, and not to be the least, religious words were used for churches, monasteries, mosques and temples.

After the construction was complete, Lise admired its work. But after a while arguments broke out in regards to their new home. Some people considered some words offensive and wanted them to be banished to the sewers. Others thought that some words were not majestic enough for the building they were part of. And others did not want their relatives seeing certain words when they visited. In order to settle this disturbance the city governors came up with a solution. The governors set up a system that would allow for words to be submitted, reviewed and then voted upon. Once this process was complete the word in question would either be moved to a new building or remain in its current place.

The system however well-meant has encountered a problem beyond its power. Words and there meanings are constantly changing. The amount of words being reviewed is rising and the development of Lise is slowing. Despite Lise’s best efforts to give words a tangible existence Lise’s residents have forgotten that words are still human constructs and all things human are in a constant state of flux and are never settled.


About skyraftwanderer

A person who enjoys writing short story things, poetry and other random things that come into my head.
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