The City of La Maga

The city of La Maga decided that it did not like its current design. So down came the towers, the houses, the apartments, the libraries and the shops.

After the deconstruction was complete the residents of La Maga drew out on the ground a game of Hopscotch. Partakers in the game were chosen at random as per the whims of La Maga. Then they assigned each participant in the game either a building type, a borough or a district. After this process was completed the game of Hopscotch was finally played. The dice were rolled and the players hopped and skipped to their destination on the Hopscotch. And were each person landed on the Hopscotch that is where their assigned urban phenomena would be built. The game of Hopscotch was finished and the reconstruction of La Maga began.

After the rebirth of La Maga was complete the residents returned to the city, its new layout concluded by the game of Hopscotch. People had to find their houses and places of work all over again. It took the population of La Maga weeks to rediscover the park. Supermarkets became acquainted with art galleries and library books were placed inside record shops and libraries stored vast collections of records. Finally, were the Town Hall was once located, there was a trout hatchery. And somewhere in a nature reserve lay the Town Hall.

Despite the confusion the citizens of La Maga are infatuated with their city. A city of infinite juxtapositions, infinite sequences and infinite encounters. In fact when La Maga feels like the infinite has become the finite they deconstruct the city and return to the game of Hopscotch. For La Maga has a near infinite set of combinations and La Maga and its denizens want to live all of them, each with their own encounters, sequences and juxtapositions.

Tribute to Julio Cortazar and my favourite book, Hopscotch, via an Invisible City.


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A person who enjoys writing short story things, poetry and other random things that come into my head.
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