9 or 10

9 or 10. That was his choice. 9 or 10.  He didn’t know what they signified. 9 or 10. Two individual numbers that could mean anything. 9 or 10. He did not know if one was a bad choice or one was a good choice, or if they were both meaningless. 9 or 10. But he had to choose one of the numbers presented in front of him. 9 or 10. Alone in a grey, lifeless room with only a chair and a table for company and the two numbers, burrowing fixedly into him. 9 or 10. Why he was faced with this choice he did not know. 9 or 10. He was simply whisked away by two suited men, lead to this room and told of his choice. 9 or 10. The two numbers remained on the table, taunting him. 9 or 10. He thought about his choice, the absurdity of it all and the fact he had no idea if he had done anything wrong in his recent existence. 9 or 10. Finally he stared down the two numbers and slammed his hand on the table, on top of one of the numbers. 9 or 10. He shouted to alert someone of his choice. 9 or 10. The two men returned and looked at his choice. 9 or 10. They lead him to another room. 11 or 12.

Experiment involving numbers and repetition. Feedback is welcomed.


About skyraftwanderer

A person who enjoys writing short story things, poetry and other random things that come into my head.
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