The City of Mistra

The city of Mistra is a glorious city. Its inhabitants adore its architecture, its structure and its organisation. Modern construction meshes impeccably with old-time ideas. Avant garde and normality come together faultlessly. Authentic and kitsch are in perfect synergy. Yet something bothers the residents of Mistra.

Animals. While Mistra loves its animals, it hates the mess they make. Mistra believes that animals and the mess they leave tarnish this great city. So rather than get rid of the animals Mistra’s architects came up with a solution. For all of the different animals, a city would be built for each of them. After some deliberation, the motion passed and construction began on cities of many different sizes. Miniscule, small, moderate and somewhat large.

And finally, construction was complete. Cities for arthropods, cities for birds suspended in the air, subterranean urban jungles for the subterrestrial animals. Even aquatic cities for the submerged animals. Finally Mistra’s denizens could enjoy their city while all the animals got to know their cities.

At first it seemed that the animals enjoyed their individual cities. They were constructed to be vast enough for the animals to enjoy. But since animals have little concern for rigor and organisation the cities they inhabited had their boundaries tested, and broken through. Animals once again began appearing in Mistra and Mistra realised that it could not keep its city perfectly ordered. Animals were once again allowed in Mistra and their presence was tolerated.

Mistra does not consider this process a failure though. It now has some very skilled architects and numerous designs incase it ever feels the need to regenerate.


About skyraftwanderer

A person who enjoys writing short story things, poetry and other random things that come into my head.
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