The City of Rei

Supposedly cities require strong foundations which is why they occur on dry land. Thanks to their complex infrastructure, gargantuan structures and vast space they need to be built on solid ground. But the city of Rei wanted to be a city that was not confined to one spot. Rei and its residents wanted a city that was constantly moving, not held down by concrete and asphalt. And that’s when they noticed the very large and wide river that ran by their dear city.

After some experiments with rafts and water-borne support devices the denizens of the city of Rei eventually figured out a way to transfer their city over to the rafts and replace their dry land city with a watercourse city. Once the relocation process was completed the rafts were released from the land and off they drifted. All that was left behind was an empty concrete plain.

Rei now drifts on the river, waking up to new surroundings everyday. The city still functions as it did on dry land, but with a few caveats. It eats a lot more fish now and some areas of the city are prone to some flooding. Rei is still a city, but a watercourse city.

Sometimes some residents want to return to dry land. In this case their part of the city is simply unhooked from the raft network and allowed to drift away until it hits dry land.
And for parts of the city wanting to follow a current of their own they will do the same.

Rei’s existence is a precarious one though. Jagged rocks and rapids have created casualties. And if Rei ever finds itself approaching a majestic waterfall it may not survive the fall.

But for now Rei simply rolls on the river, a city where everyday is lived in new scenery.


About skyraftwanderer

A person who enjoys writing short story things, poetry and other random things that come into my head.
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