The City of Sigyn

A decision of most importance is taking place in the city of Sigyn. But instead of referendums, voting and debates, in Sigyn dice are rolled. Odds yes, evens no. Every single choice undertaken in Sigyn is decided by the roll of a dice. Odds yes, evens no.

How this system of government came to pass in Sigyn is found in the cities archives. Originally the city was governed by standard methods but the city realised that despite this chance always trumped organisation. And over time Sigyn gradually gravitated towards chance until chance eventually replaced order and logic. Since dice are the ultimate representation of chance all decisions in Sigyn are adjudicated by the roll of a dice.

And what started as a system of government gradually spread into all elements of society. Deciding which book to buy, out come the dice. Wether or not to relocate out come the dice. Wether or not to begin a new relationship or bring a current one to an end, out come the dice.

However this defection to chance is not without consequence. Wastes of money, illogical policies and civil liberties violations have all passed in Sigyn because of chance. And there in is the crux of the matter. While in the end all things are governed by chance, chance does not distinguish between good or bad. So for the residents of Sigyn, maybe a little order would not be such a bad thing. For chance can give way to chaos.


About skyraftwanderer

A person who enjoys writing short story things, poetry and other random things that come into my head.
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