Monster (Behemoth)


Ripping through the cover of cloud, revealing azure sky, it descends on the city. Its scales reflecting the golden sunlight, it unleashes bolts of energy against the metropolis. Buildings are shredded, apartment blocks fractured and fragmented, roads torn from their foundations. Debris is hurtled through the air, building panels spinning through the ether. It shrieks in delight, victorious, moving on to its next municipality. Meanwhile, the city is left in ruins, its denizens left to count the cost.

Behemoth – Night

In the megalopolis a faint warble is heard in the distance. It glides through the night, the moon shining brightly on its wings. The warble morphs into a shriek when it see’s the city lights. The polis stirs when a beam of energy illuminates the night sky and surges through an apartment block, rupturing it completely. The city wakes, only to see its demonic shadow, hearing its maniacal howl. The city lights reflect on its scales as the beams become more intense and numerous. This metropolitan area was caught unawares and now has no defence against the infernal menace. Buildings are fractured and infrastructure fragmented as blots of energy light up the night sky. Within minutes the city is left in flaming destitution, its funeral blaze the only thing visible in the gloaming. It moves on, searching.

Behemoth – Military Engagement

The military knew it was coming. It had already scythed down their air patrols. Radio contact was lost in the morning hours. Wreckage was sighted shortly after. The military was now entrenched in the city, having previously enacted a mass evacuation. Now they simply waited for it to come. And they kept waiting. And then they heard about the other city and realised that it had outsmarted them. They had no choice but to move out.

And it was then that they heard it. Its unhallowed lament sounds out, its visage aweing the military. Then the beams spew forth from its toothed maw. Golden beams arcing forth, forking in the dust. Tanks were lifted from the substrate and launched through the air. Soldiers scrambling for weaponry, only to be hurled through the ether as the beams rip up the gravitational field. Buildings and roads torn asunder as the beams dance through the deserted metropolis. Fighting back, the military finds that current ordinance cannot penetrate its hide. It turns its attention to the resistance, unleashing bolts that shred the division, obliterating it from existence. The beams twist and contort, tearing through helicopters and jets. The military extinguished, it cackles in victory, dismantling the rest of the city, relishing its victory.

First fragment from a previous post, now part of a series. Inspired by King Ghidorah. Feedback is welcomed.


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A person who enjoys writing short story things, poetry and other random things that come into my head.
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