Clouds (Clouds and Cloud Gulper – 2 Fragments)

The clouds have disappeared. The sky is cloudless. As for where the clouds have gone, no one knows. Maybe they were blown away by the wind. Maybe clouds as entities have ceased to exist. Perhaps they were taken away by a cloud gulper, a mysterious being whose true nature is not known. Or it could just be a few days without cloud cover.

The Cloud Gulper

The cloud gulper is a nocturnal being. Dormant during the day it emerges in the twilight hours to feed. During the day it remains dissipated into the cosmic fibre. When night tide comes in it reforms itself into a spectral form with large eyes and disembodied hands. The cloud gulper levitates silently through the night sky, looking for clouds. When it finds them it takes advantage of its phantasm form using its amorphous nature to open its jaws vast distances in order to consume clouds of great size. In such instances the cloud gulper will gorge on clouds as weather patterns are unpredictable and the cloud gulper doesn’t know when its next meal will come. Thanks to its spectral form digestion isn’t a problem, clouds are merely absorbed. At the first sign of morning the cloud gulper dissipates back into the cosmic fabric, waiting until the clouds come back. The classic sign of a cloud gulper is the cloudless skies that persist for multiple days.

Inspired by cloudless skies over my home town recently. The cloud gulpers appearance is based upon the Pokemon Haunter and a gulper eel. Feedback as always is welcomed.


About skyraftwanderer

A person who enjoys writing short story things, poetry and other random things that come into my head.
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