Detective, Trout Redgrave (3 pieces)

The next two pieces would continue on from the initial conversation in the first post:

Part 1

Its been a few hours since Sylvia left. I’ve been replaying the case in my head. It makes very little sense. A very rich and successful lawyer just disappears. There’s no logical reason for that to happen. Even after replaying it through my head I have only two possible outcomes. Either he has got involved with his defendants or his accused and has become corrupted, or he has put someone away and is now lying dead in a gutter. And it has to be either of them because a man in his position just doesn’t walk away from all that he had.

Part 2

The case was confusing. Hours of pouring over the details had made no difference. The case still made no immediate sense and left me feeling uneasy. A man in that position just disappearing has to be lying dead somewhere or he must have become corrupted and turned to a life of crime.

One more time I looked over the details on my desk, felt even more confused by the case and once more wandered over to the window. It was late now and a thick fog was blanketing the city. The streets were empty, bar a few stragglers and the street lights were blotted out by the deep-set haze. Car lights flashed in the mist before fading away in the gloaming.

And in a obfuscate city I was faced with an equally murky case. And rather than leaving the office, I spent the night there.

My thoughts: I am a fan of the second piece more than the first piece but there are parts of the first piece I would like to incorporate into the second piece. Of course feedback is more than welcome, and if you want to comment and criticise, please do.

Action sequence

…I hear someone coming up the stairs. I ready my gun. Footsteps coming down the corridor. Guns locked and loaded. The steps stop at my door. Instinctively I slide from the chair to the floor. The door comes through and automatic gun fire tears the chair up. On the floor I can see the assailants legs. And as my old boss said, always trust the guy with the better shot.


I let off three rounds, one in the foot, two in the knee. He falls to the ground, releasing his weapon in the process. I could have killed him, but I need him to give me some answers.

This is not complete as some bits of it do refer to events that have happened previously in the story. This is one of my first attempts at an action scene and all feedback and criticism is valued. Comments are more than welcomed.


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A person who enjoys writing short story things, poetry and other random things that come into my head.
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