City of Pola

On the horizon there is a wooden structure, topped with a platform. It reaches into the sky. This is the only visible landmark in the desert. Apart from the sand stretching out for miles, nothing else is discernible. The structure has a mixture of steps and ladders. Climbing the structure is the only way to see passage out of the desert. And that is when you see the city of Pola.

Carved in the desert rock, the city of Pola reveals itself when viewed from the air. Lines in the sand form a city. A city with towers, houses and markets. A city with universities, libraries and shops. The glyph metropolis links these buildings with roads and train lines. Above the city, huge in size is a carved sky, with clouds, sun, moon and stars. In the day inscribed sun shines and at night the etched moon is blazingly incandescent. The city has a carven population who despite their lifelessness appear to move from place to place.

No one knows when this city was created or by who. No one knows if it is a blueprint for a future city or plans for a city that has already been built. No one knows how long it has been here. But if you see the city of Pola and decide to walk through its streets please stick to the paths. Its residents frown upon jay walking.

Inspired by the Nazca Lines:


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A person who enjoys writing short story things, poetry and other random things that come into my head.
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