Uil X Behemoth (Uil Vs Behemoth)

Uil landed in the city and perched itself on the last building that was still standing. The moth kaiju could see Behemoth lording over the cities shattered ruins. Uil chirped loudly and Behemoth swung around instantly. Spotting the Uil Behemoth shrieked loudly. The moth kaiju remained resolute and Behemoth released a volley of golden forking energy bolts. The lepidopteran kaiju flew into the air as the beams fragmented and fractured the building, rupturing the building and splintering it into multiple pieces. Uil hovered as Behemoth fired again.

Evasive maneuvers ensured lepidopteran survived the latest salvo. Uil kept low to the ground looking to outflank Behemoth.The moth kaiju weaved between the shells of gutted buildings as the bolts continued to rain down as its speed ensured that the beams would not hit it. But Uil realised that in order to triumph the site of the battle had to change. The moth kaiju could not keep evading Behemoth forever. After more elusive aerial movements the lepidopteran kaiju climbed at rapid pace.

Behemoth’s aggression was now controlling it entirely and Behemoth followed the moth kaiju skyward. The beams continued to thunder forth from the depths of Behemoths toothed maw. The lepidopteran kaiju continued to swerve out-of-the-way until its moment arrived. As Behemoth prepared its next salvo Uil emitted its ultrasonic jamming signal. This stunned Behemoth who became addled and disoriented. Uil turned to face Behemoth, fluttering its wings so as to create a gale. Behemoth’s flight was now stuttered and jolted and Behemoth began to fall earthward. Uil dived down smashing straight into Behemoth’s midriff. Behemoth howled and screamed but it was of no use. The lepidopteran pulled out of the dive and Behemoth crashed into terra firma, ploughing through the concrete, producing a massive trench and crater.

The gargantuan creature struggled to right itself as Uil hovered near to it. Behemoth fired off beams at the moth kaiju in desperation. But Uil deployed its powder and the beams were reflected and refracted. They flew back and hit Behemoth, cutting a wing off and gashing its body. It roared out its lament, as the moth kaiju moved above the weakened monster. The lepidopteran released a new kind of powder. Behemoth began to choke and convulse as the powder poisoned and clogged Behemoth’s airways. The beast writhed around as it tried to discharge the powder. It was of no use as the powder began to infect all of Behemoth’s body. It reared up, let loose one last piercing shriek and fell to the ground with a thunderous impact. Behemoth’s body was entangled in viscous spasms, and soon after ceased all movement. Behemoth lay dead in the ravaged city. The moth observed the death rattle from a perched position near by. The lepidopteran kaiju then flew into the azure sky and headed back to its island home. As Uil left, it emitted its jamming signal to ensure safe passage home.


About skyraftwanderer

A person who enjoys writing short story things, poetry and other random things that come into my head.
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