Moth Kaiju (Uil)

On an island away from the mainland the caterpillar found a suitable spot and began to encase itself in a silk cocoon. Once the process was completed the pupa, awaiting development into its next form.

Some time later the pupa began to crack and after a period of struggle, it emerged as a moth. In the night air its wings slowly lost their softness and became ready for flight. After a few test flaps Uil took flight and used its 100 metre wing span to journey to the mainland.


As Uil neared the mainland it sensed radar signals. Instinctively the moth kaiju began to emit its own ultrasonic sounds. The radar stations were now jammed, blacked out nation wide. While chaos ensured on the ground, with the ability to scramble aircraft effectively disabled the moth kaiju silently crossed into the mainland airspace under the cover of darkness.


Uil continued its navigation over the mainland. However the moth kaiju had been spotted and the military scrambled jets in order to intercept it. With the radar blacked out nation wide visual sightings had to be relied upon. Through constant contact with spotters, both aerial and terrestrial the military aircraft encountered Uil high above the cloud canopy. They moved into firing positions.

At that moment the moth kaiju intuitively turned mid-flight to face the fighters. Uil’s vast multi colored wings started to flutter at speed, creating a fierce gale that caused the jet fighters to stall and fall from the sky. The moth climbed higher as a second group of fighter aircraft followed up the first failed sortie. Uil came into view once again and a volley of missiles was unleashed. As the projectiles neared their target the moth released a powder which caused the ordinance to malfunction and be deflected off target. The jets aborted the mission while the moth kaiju flew onwards. After drifting for sometime Uil dived down through the cloud cover, heading towards a city.


Inspired by the Kaiju Mothra : and the Kaiju Battra:

The reason it is called Moth Kaiju is the fact that I cannot think of a name for it. If you do have a name suggestion please don’t hesitate to say it. An accepted name will get a writing credit. Feedback is welcomed as always.

Addendum: The moth is now named Uil after the Dutch for moth (at least that is what Google tells me).


About skyraftwanderer

A person who enjoys writing short story things, poetry and other random things that come into my head.
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