The Horseman

He’s carrying something. He’s carrying it as he hurtles over the ground on his trusty stead. Galloping over the plain he’s heading for the hills. The rider can be seen in the lunar glow, racing towards the highlands were his cargo is required. Riding under the cover of darkness as to avoid detection he urges the horse onward. The horse responds, propelling the horseman forth. The horse kicks up sand as it traverses the plain, and both the horseman and his stead fade into the dust, vanish into the landscape. He has reached the foothills.


The terrain in the hills is treacherous, yet the horseman pushes onward. Urging the horse forward, he leaps over crevasses and works his way through canyons and trenches. The horse advances unflinchingly through the rocky contours, despite the intense heat bearing down from the cloudless skies. By night fall the hills have been navigated and the horseman see’s the boundless plateau, and his destination.


Above the plateau the sky is empty, devoid of light and celestial bodies. Resting for but a moment, the horseman tries to coax one last effort out of the horse. The horse responds, unleashing the last of its energy as it gallops over the plateau. The rider crouches and as they near their destination the horseman reaches for his cargo. The grabs the knapsack as the horse is screaming across the flat landscape. When the horse is about to cross the halfway point of the mesa, the horseman hurls the pack into the air.

The rider slows the horse to a canter and turns to watch the cargo flying through the firmament. The knapsack continues to climb through the zephyr until it is shredded from the inside. A auroral, illumined flash lights up the night sky. The azure has its missing star. In its wake multiple other stars are brough forth into existence. The coruscation travels far in every direction, blazing through space. It reveals planets, galaxies and nebula’s, unleashing a vast range of chromaticism. The mammoth, unbounded, unending void of space has been flooded with light, the universe unveiled in its empyrean, sublime entirety. The horseman and his horse watch all of this happening, and with their quest completed they trot away. In this cosmic opera the only thing that can be heard is the clippity – clop of the horses hooves.


Inspired by Robert Hunter’s song Promontory Rider:

Video uploaded onto YouTube by the user gabehampton.


About skyraftwanderer

A person who enjoys writing short story things, poetry and other random things that come into my head.
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