Skilpadde and a City

The sight of Skilpadde in a city is gloriously surreal. In the vast concrete jungle of glass, steel and girders the residents of the metropolis see a colossal turtle rounding a street corner. Firstly its head pokes out past a sky scraper, scanning the thoroughfares. Once the turtle is sure the route is safe its reveals its full form. Observers see the village, the trees, the mountains and rivers adorning the great animals back. The turtle lumbers down the street, its massive frame rocking from side to side. It is mirrored in the sky scrapers reflective construction as the city and its population is reduced to a stand still watching the immense reptile wandering around the urban labyrinth.

As the Skilpadde turtle wanders the citified crevasses conversational pockets are forming throughout the city. Between the municipal residents, between the villagers and between the villagers and the denizens of the polis. People shouting up to the villagers, the villagers replying in kind. It is a dialogue that is constantly moving and incorporating a vast and ever-changing cast of characters whose interactions follow the turtles path.

After much plodding the turtle makes its way out of the city and returns to the rural areas, seeking sustenance. The city struggles to reconcile the dreamlike, surreal occurence while the villagers wonder if there are larger turtles out there, carrying cities on their backs.


Feedback is welcomed. I am personally wondering if I should highlight the differences between the green of Skilpadde vs the urban area, if I should feature parts of the conversations and possibly view points of various people watching this happening. Once again, feedback on this will be welcomed with open arms.


About skyraftwanderer

A person who enjoys writing short story things, poetry and other random things that come into my head.
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