Abandoned Buildings (Fragments)

In a field adjacent to the highway resides a house. Its derelict now, years of being exposed to the elements giving it a bedraggled look. Most of the windows are broken and the front door is hanging from one of its hinges. No one knows how long its been there or who has lived there. People talk of it being used by a bearded wild man but its here say, urban legend.


The old granary has been left in destitution. During the night when the clouds have cleared it is embraced in the lunar glow. Blazing moonlight streams through the gaps and cracks that have widened over time. Shrouded in an incandescent haze, the granary stands alone under the celestial sky.


The shack has been deserted for many moons now. Its picket fence is now overrun with vines. The shack itself is falling to pieces, its structure fragmenting, its construction fractured. Plants are pushing through the floor, crawling up the sides, constricting the shack. It will eventually collapse and leave this world, its death not witnessed by anyone but the plant matter.


It’s a house with four rooms. No one lives there anymore.


The research station had been left to fend for itself. The freezing conditions have ravaged the structure, causing part of the station to collapse. The rest of it is draped in ice, sheathed in snow. Its halls and labs are empty, frequented only by foxes and bears looking for warmth and shelter.


About skyraftwanderer

A person who enjoys writing short story things, poetry and other random things that come into my head.
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1 Response to Abandoned Buildings (Fragments)

  1. Ah! Now I see what you mean by fragments. These are lovely. They’re almost like prose poetry. 🙂

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