Poems (Buddha, Fire Flies and Magpie)

Just sit,

like Buddha

and all will be fine.


Zipping through its fragmentations

and fractures,

phosphorescent trails linger

in the ether,

lighting up the interior of the abandoned dwelling

before gradually fading away

as the fire flies

journey outwards

into the

twilight air.


From tree to tree

goes the magpie

flying like a 1920’s

black and white picture.


About skyraftwanderer

A person who enjoys writing short story things, poetry and other random things that come into my head.
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5 Responses to Poems (Buddha, Fire Flies and Magpie)

  1. D... says:

    Sometimes when you cluster the works together I begin to wonder what the correlation between them is.
    For example, I first pictured a Buddha sitting, just chilling. Then it’s night and he is surrounded by these fireflies. Overlooking both are the magpies….

    • Thank you for the comment.

      I’ll be honest. The Buddha poem was written on the fly, the fire fly poem was meant to go with the other fire fly poems but I could not get it right. The magpie poem was based on a poem I wrote about a year ago and took some select lines from. I just did not want 3 really short posts. Does not explain why I put Fade on its own though.

      But you could read them as interlinked. It does make a wonderful image.

      • D... says:

        Originally I had thought, as custom, you had put multiple shorter works together. But when I read this set they created three layers of an image. Accidental greatness?

  2. “Accidental greatness?”

    Maybe. If you want to call it that you can. No objections from me. None what so ever.

    Though now thinking about it, a Buddha ornament resides in a abandoned dwelling which the fire flies use as a crossing point during the night and the magpies, returning from a days foraging bear witness to this.

    Guess it does work on multiple levels. Broken into pieces or put together. Honestly I love the fact you read my writing the way you do. Reveals alot of new perspectives I never would figure in the first place.

    • D... says:

      I’m glad my active imagination could be of help. I like reading your work, you do a good job of creating images. I normally read things at least twice. Once straight, no mental illustrations. Second time (and all other times after that) with my mental pictures (sometimes they change). And when you ask for follow up feedback, I try and look behind the picture (the unsaid background). I’m still pondering some of your other works, so I’ve yet to give feedback. Sometimes it takes more time to digest.

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