Walking In The Rain (At Night) (Poems)

The night wind
howls, fades
dragging clouds from afar
abandoning them to hang over the city.

The rain comes down,
against a backdrop of streetlights and shop fronts,
the city and its infinite worlds
reflected in
pieces of rain.


against streetlights and shop fronts.

Infinite worlds
fracturing and fragmenting

on hats and coats
cobblestone and gutters.


Rain drops pummel the sidewalk,
city reflected in puddles.


Rain drops barrage the street
bouncing upwards with sheer force.

The deluge falters,
the city sees its reflection in the puddles.


About skyraftwanderer

A person who enjoys writing short story things, poetry and other random things that come into my head.
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3 Responses to Walking In The Rain (At Night) (Poems)

  1. D... says:

    I really like this collection.

    I wonder how your reading went. It’s Friday here, so I think it’s Saturday by you.

    • Readings actually next week. Turns out I got the date wrong. Rocking and rolling next week, with poems.

      Also thanks for the comment. Really happy with these, particulary the second one. On the last one, can’t help thinking “see’s” would work better than “seeing”.

      They are based on something I wrote earlier (Walking in the Rain (At Night)). Looked at it again and thought it would work better as poetry.

      • D... says:

        Oh cool, that gives you more preparation time. Hmm….are you going to record it and share? Although you may be like me, a bit shy when it comes to that scenario. There is something to our blogs allowing us a certain amount of anonymity.

        I think you’re right about sees replacing seeing as a better conjugation. “The deluge falters” sets up better for sees rather seeing. I think because sees also has an essence of recognition whereas seeing feels more like being a witness to a moment.

        I really like it as a collection, it works really well. I feels like it could be an individual/entity traveling it’s path and each moment is chronicled. As if each turn of a corner revealed something new. Plus I like a rain motif… 😀

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