20 Poems (Assorted)

Catfish (2 poems)

Muddy pond
perfectly seen.


Foraging barbels
cast aside
a world of dust.


Silver flash
streaking across
the bath(room floor)

Damsel Fly

Cobalt blue
will o’ the wisp
darting from stem to stem.

Midges (2 poems)

Recklessly dancing
in the
abandoned web.


Careless swoops
narrowly avoid
derelict silk.

City Lights (3 poems)

Misted window,
lights without


Amorphous shapes
the darkness.


Drifting through
night tide,
phosphorescent jellyfish.

Lantern (3 poems)

floating lantern.


Floating over
late night.


Blue and red flame,
hovering in the haze.

Sea Serpent (2 poems)

Bobbing head
could be
a seal.


Serrated spikes
disappear, as
another ship sinks.


Leafy camouflage
eluded the
crickets vision.


Picking up scrubland
creating its own


Abandoned shell
feels melancholy
on the tree.

Friday Night (2 poems)

Rags and feathers,
African mask
playing guitar in moonlight.


Music drifting
the cobbles and gutters.



About skyraftwanderer

A person who enjoys writing short story things, poetry and other random things that come into my head.
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3 Responses to 20 Poems (Assorted)

  1. D... says:

    My friend, you do this to me every time. I know they’re assorted, but I wove them all together in my mind. Like a series of vignettes which aren’t necessarily related, but are snapshots of life from moment to moment for different lifeforms. It’s really interesting.

    • Thanks the for comment.

      Hey feel free to interpret them however you wish. Some were based on real life things I saw during the course of a day. The midges ones,the damsel fly and the silverfish. Others are essentially real things and some are just fantastical.

      And the Friday Night ones, I just can’t leave that alone.

      • D... says:

        Fantastical reality? That sounds like it should be something. I’ve decided, it needs to exist, and it’s something that you’ve create. I have that power you know….wahahahaha…OK I’ve over my pseudo-power.

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