He needed a fix. He didn’t care where or who it came from. He just needed it.

After wandering the deserted streets he entered into the park. There was a slight breeze and the only light was coming from the moon, bathing the park in a waxen hue. It was in the silvery light that he saw her. A small girl with long black hair, wearing a red dress.

She was a real small girl, with really long hair.

Why a girl this young was in the park at this time of night did not concern him. What did concern him was what little money she had in her hand. He needed it. He wanted it. He went to get it. He asked at first.

“Can I have that?”

“NO!” came the high-pitched reply.

Then he tried to snatch it.

“NO!” came the refrain.

And a growl. A guttural other worldly growl. He paused, unsure of what he had just heard. He dismissed it and returned to his act of thievery. While engaged with this he did not see the girl’s hair coiling, rising, flashing white shiny teeth. Sharp, white shiny teeth.

The struggle continued until the girl pulled away turning her back to the man. He began to lunge, stopped in his tracks by the girl’s hair looming above him. He wanted, tried to scream but he could not. Mouth agape drool fell on his face, as the jaws were licked by a massive tongue. The man was frozen to the spot. In a flash the jaws opened, lunged, locked down and threw themselves backward. In one clean movement he was lifted, crushed and swallowed. A colossal burp echoed through the park as the girl’s hair returned to its original state.

She skipped towards the exit, whistling as her red dress drifted in the breeze.


Based on the Pokemon Mawile and the futakuchi-onna:

With some of Richard Brautigan’ story, A High Building in Singapore:

About skyraftwanderer

A person who enjoys writing short story things, poetry and other random things that come into my head.
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