Just Want To See Her Face

Shes been on my mind lately. And I am pretty sure I have feelings for her.

She often arrives during my idle moments. Sitting (or walking) and day dreaming, staring out of windows (or ambling down the street) my mind drifts and inevitably at some point she appears, smiling (most beautiful smile ever) and we just talk. And most of my day dreams involve dragons, cities made of moths and sometimes questions, such as is it worth my teaching Flygon fire blast just to beat Stevens Metagross? so she arrives in, well, odd circumstances. But pretty soon the circumstances melt away and its only her. And us talking. And sometimes kissing. Nothing more though. And hugging. That happens too.

The oddest thing about all this is how much it bothers me to tell her this. I really can’t tell her. Not for any other reason except for intense shyness. Shyness that prevented me from reading my poetry and resulted in me wandering around outside of the place were said reading was taking place for nearly 4 hours. Well, sitting down/wandering (2 hour split each way). Incidently I missed the entire thing. I also cannot use a phone if other people are watching, and people have to talk to me first/invite me somewhere, otherwise I feel as if I am intruding.

So telling some one how I feel is difficult. But it is just a few simple words. Such as “I like you”, “would like to grab a cup of coffee sometime” (I actually only like tea, but you get the idea) and so on so forthish. And I really do like her. And she is the awesomest person ever. Her smile, her hair, everything really. Maybe she’ll read this. Or not. I don’t know.

I was listening to the Beach Boys – Wouldn’t It Be Nice halfway through writing this “You know it seems the more we talk about it/It only makes it worse to live without it/But lets talk about it/Wouldn’t it be nice” I also listened to Diana Ross’s Chain Reaction but that is something else.

Oh and as for this being on a blog. I am under an alias here. It is a whole lot easier this way.

So yeah, I like you. Would you like to grab coffee some time?


Title based on the Rolling Stones song Just Want To See His Face:

Video from user RakyMaky.

Video from user letgr00ve.

Video from user MjFanSally.


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A person who enjoys writing short story things, poetry and other random things that come into my head.
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1 Response to Just Want To See Her Face

  1. D... says:

    I hope she said yes 😀

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