Horseman (Undead)

Death rattle
skeletal rider
heads for the village

Wide brimmed sombrero
bony features
(alabaster face)

Ivory fingers
trigger action

Drifting poncho
flashes of
hollow torso

Skeleton horseman
stalks the
moon strewn highlands

Death rattle
reverberates through the hills
ashen hooves
clatter on rocks
spectral echoes
linger under
moon strewn skies.

Sombrero obscures
cadaverous wraith
poncho drifts
flash hollow torso
waxen clouds
azure night.

Sun stream
splinters night
villagers empty bed.

Skeletal horse
rattling surge
over the plains

Death rattle
echoing through
moon strewn

Waxen wraith
seen in hills
another villager disappears

Silver streak
mountains and

Ivory horse
under full moon


On the bigger poem the last verse went through some changes and I am still not entirely happy with it. Previous verses were:

Morning arrives
another villagers
temporality compromised


village searches for
missing inhabitant

Feedback is welcomed.

Inspired in part by this post:

You should go visit that blog a lot. It’s quite possibly the best thing on the internet.


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A person who enjoys writing short story things, poetry and other random things that come into my head.
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  1. Keep up the good work Rob, i like your stuff!

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