Clouds, Hills and Mesas (Poems for Georgia O’Keeffe)

Rolling scrubland
enveloped in
gossamer clouds of lint

Sky ablaze
mesa shrouds hills
in shadow


Blue sky
checkered on
red dust
flagstone clouds

Patchwork clouds
sun beams


Cloud white bison
herd together on
pink sky savanna
migrating over

rolling hills of
scarlet dust
sage bushes
and hollyhocks
alabaster flashes
in crimson

all watched over
by the monolithic mesa
in the eventide light
august ochre


Fading wind
lavender dust
on chalk-white hills
wraith bone vista

Viridian leaves
shimmer in sunlight
wizened remains
petrified in ghostly hills


flooded in azure
golden sunlight
weather worn


Image credits (In order first to last):

Dark Mesa and Pink Sky (1930): (

Sky Above Clouds IV (1965): (

Red Hills with Pedernal, White Clouds (1936): (

Untitled, Ghost Ranch Landscape (1940): (

Pedernal, Blue and Yellow (1941): (

And a massive thanks to Georgia O’Keeffe for her sublime and awe-inspiring art works. You are a continuing source of inspiration to me. I can only hope I did your paintings justice.

About skyraftwanderer

A person who enjoys writing short story things, poetry and other random things that come into my head.
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