Clouds (Fragments and poems)

Rowing boat
made of clouds.

Its how he crosses
the great blue yonder.


They are rarely seen. Some doubt they even exist. But when loamy clouds congregate in blue skies the cloud runners emerge. Dwelling inside cirrus structures they leap from cloud to cloud, switching places with other cloud runners. Then the clouds drift away and the runners get used to their new surroundings, awaiting the next gathering.


from cloud to cloud
cloud jumpers chasing
each other
game of tag


Perched on a tree branch the tiny blue bird looked up at the clouds, watching them drift apart, come together and form new shapes.

Taking flight, leaving its brethren behind the blue bird pushed deep into the firmament, entering into cirrus castles. Spinning rapidly the blue bird pulls tiny shreds of cloud towards itself, encasing itself in layers of loam.

Re-emerging with wings of cloud the blue bird soars on azure currents, billowy wings made golden by the setting sun.


Tiny bluebird
flys into cumulus giants
appearing on the other side
soaring on a
raft of clouds


Pirate ships fighting dragons
grizzly bears pushing shopping carts
UFO visits from Eta Carinae
vast armies colliding on horse back
cities rise
mountains fall
as cat and mouse
engage in atmospheric
hide and seek.
Just another day in the clouds.


It’s what he wanted. His skeletal remains bundled up, the hot air balloon rose above the clouds. Looking down on the cirrus shelves his remains were laid out and then dropped over the edge, tumbling bones vanishing in fractus wisps.

Sometimes in twilight, voyaging through night tide water ways is a skeleton riding on a raft of clouds, peering into the night sky.


Ship of clouds


While she liked the cloud she was on, she wanted to walk on the other clouds. They all looked the same but she was not sure that they were the same. Pulling bits of cloud together, forming a small boat she rowed across ethereal expanses, finding that most clouds are alike.

But she holds out hope for that one cloud, which is utterly unique from its fellow weather patterns.


“Pirate ships fighting dragons” is a dry run for a bigger poem so feedback is welcomed.

If you want to suggest something you’ve seen in the clouds (no matter how surreal or odd), go nuts.

Blue Bird poems based on the Pokemon Swablu and its evolution, Altaria:

Cloud runners and jumpers inspired by the web comic minus:

You should read all of that web comic. Its awesome.


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A person who enjoys writing short story things, poetry and other random things that come into my head.
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