Voyage (Across the wild blue yonder) (Poem)

Morning tide.
A lone ship sails through the deep blue
pallid sails tinged golden in the early light.
Trailing pirate ship attempts to make its move
before swooping dragons offer a worthwhile distraction
the air thick with cannon smoke and dragon fire.

Noon tide.
Immaculate vessel navigates through island chains
dinosaurs roaring at the passing ship
before turning on one another.
Vast canescent birds circle above
sunlight peeking through snowy feathers
as sea serpents trail alongside
ochre scales shine in the azure
toothed maws gleaming
kraken waiting up ahead
tentacles writhing in the oceans breath.

Even tide.
Riverway voyage
streak of indigo runs through flaxen plains.
Mountains ascend and cascade
as horsemen charge forth besieging august castles
migrating mammoths oblivious
fur pink in the effulgence of dusk
as the ship exits the river.

Night tide.
Space ships dogfight in the astral firmament
as the dragons fly home by moonlight
tattered pirate flag fluttering in clenched jaws
sea serpents pulling tentacles below the naval plane
watched by sky raft wanderers drifting on shadow currents.

The abyss clears
as the ashen ship
dissipates on tenebrous winds
phantasm wisps lost to the night.

Just another day in the clouds.

About skyraftwanderer

A person who enjoys writing short story things, poetry and other random things that come into my head.
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18 Responses to Voyage (Across the wild blue yonder) (Poem)

  1. D... says:

    In the little world that you’ve created, this would be perfect on as the introduction.

    • I never thought of it like that. But it could work like that.

      To start with it was going to be just a series of images with the last line but I couldn’t make it work so I went with the voyage idea. Think it worked out well.

  2. tashtoo says:

    Oh wow! This is simply fantastic! Mythic! Imagery is solid, (slight DragonLance addict here, so up my alley and then some) and I love that you kept the language so fantastically simple. Often find writes like this typically need me to bust out the dictionary, but you have meshed the timewarp wonderfully. And who doesn’t love dragons! Wonderful OpenLinkNight offering. Thank you!

  3. brian miller says:

    fascinating visuals…the night tide esp with space ships and dragons you capture well the fascinations of my youth in that one stanza…nicely penned…

  4. Laurie Kolp says:

    I enjoyed it as well. I love how you’ve broken it down and the language is beautiful.

  5. Your imagery is phenomenal! I wanted the journey to continue! I love this and I could so see this in a book. You should def write more! 🙂


  6. Chris G. says:

    A touch of fantasy for a world all your own. Good imagery, drawing us down a magical little journey.

  7. ayala says:

    fascinating visuals, a great journey here.

  8. Cannon smoke and dragon fire… fabulous imagery. A lovely tale that ended up in space, Wow!

  9. Liked the phantasy. Wrestled with some meaning, though. Just another day at the classic battle that is poetry!

    “ca·nes·cent” – covered with whitish or grayish pubescence, as certain plants.

    “ef·ful·gence” — a brilliant radiance; a shining forth.

    “ten·e·brous” – dark; gloomy; obscure.

    • Thank you for the comment.

      Given I wrote this back in August, I’ll try and remember what I was thinking back then.

      “canescent” – another word for white basically. Being honest here.

      “effulgence” – at dusk, there seems to be that one final moment were the sun just lets it all out. Twas going for that.

      “tenebrous” – a night time wind. Also given the darkness it is also the thing that “destroys” the ship.

      You also have to account for the fact that on occasion I will use words I like the sound of. That happens.

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