Gaucho (Undead) (Poems)

Desert wind
scarlet dust
wrapped in veiled helices
hills and mesas.
Wraithen gaucho and sallow horse
bleached white
flash ashen
in the red maelstrom

Desert wind
lays still
crimson sands
unmoved record
phantasmal prints
left by
revenant rider,
eidolic horse

Azure sky
strewn with flaxen clouds
migrating aimlessly
over scarlet loam
watched by skeletal gaucho
as the sallow horse
rubs up against
monolithic cacti

Sage bushes
fragment vermillion carpet
cadaverous gaucho
ponders there
arid currents

Cobble stone sky
azure glimpses
spectral gaucho
has no need
for sustenance

Cumulus giants
in the moonlight
obscure the stars
undead horse

At the village gate
ashen hooves clatter
death rattle echoes
as the old villager
nears his
journeys end

Tumbling rain
batters leaky sombrero
lifeless poncho
clings to ribcage
the sallow horse
doesn’t know
that it is wet

Night air bleak
pallid rider
the stars

Trotting into moon beam pathways
skeletal rider and horse


I love the gaucho too much to leave it alone too often.


About skyraftwanderer

A person who enjoys writing short story things, poetry and other random things that come into my head.
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2 Responses to Gaucho (Undead) (Poems)

  1. “tumbling rain”–oh that’s “sweet” word play!
    Hello. Thanks for commenting at my blogcasa and leaving tracks to your poetry trove! Shanti Om

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