There’s a point in the forest that people won’t cross. Thats why he went there.

That point is where the forest gives way to the colossal trees. Their root systems are blacked out the sunlight barely reaching halfway up their sublime trunks. In the darkness guttural calls and nether worldly roars crystallize in silence. In the tree tops Sinornithosaurus flash through the leaves snatching dragonflies and lizards from the branches. During the night, strange lights, saffron and violet curve round and through the trees. It is a dangerous environment and people often stare into the viridian abyss before backing away. It remains unexplored.

It intrigued him. The complete absence of humanity would allow him to complete his work without disturbance. A couple of people accompanied him as he stood on the precipice, with a bag of tools and lengths of thread. The nether world cries permeated from the darkness causing the others to run. He listened, looked up at the canopy seeing rainbow flares dance between the bracts. He stood still for but a moment before grabbing a low hanging vine and climbed into the leafed heavens.

In the beginning of his arboreal existence life was hard. The Sinornithosaurus nipped at him as he constructed a tree house. He nearly lost his balance on numerous occasions losing construction tools to the shadows. But he persevered, endured. He built the tree house, with self-made tools, his original tools now somewhere on the forest floor. He began his days by laying out bits of his forages providing for the Sinornithosaurus who now no longer bother him. He had come full circle, a fully arboreal existence were he moved gracefully through the branches.

Now he doesn’t remember the ground. The Sinornithosaurus loiter outside of the tree house and he always feeds them. He forges effortlessly in leafen masses and retreats to the tree house at night listening to the chorus of shrieks, watching the will o the wisps leaving motionless trails wrapped around tree trunks, while completing his work.

The tree house is lined with threads, in the process of being entwined into a model of the world.


Information on the Sinornithosaurus:

Was going to go with Archaeopteryx but opted for something less well known.



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