Lights (Fragments)

The sun dives, the remaining clouds incinerated in dying embers, red hills flare out. In the night air wisps of violet and saffron dance over the badlands, motionless trails hang in the night tide.


Dots, specks of crimson, purple, yellow and orange illuminate the asphalt dancing down the freeway.


Tearing through the night sky, streaks of azure cart-wheel and dive, twist and spiral, loop and stunt leaving sky blue trails before entwining themselves in waves of loam.

Video uploaded by YouTube user Explosionsinthesky27

Will o’ the wisp dances through the garden trellis, in its wake a posse of leopard moths follow the luminous trail.


Yellow sand, silver in the moonlight the only witness to the scarlet emanation, zipping across the desert, skimming the sands leaving desert trails, grooves, scorched patterns in the sand the villagers struggle to decipher.


Stationary, it illuminated enough of the darkness allowing her to escape into wonderland.

Video uploaded by YouTube user Djiande

Solitary ashen wisp dances over the lake, toying with waves, dragging them through low hanging mists before mashing them on the shore.


Solitary light flickers under a leafen archway, reflected eight fold in a lone spiders eyes.


Seen through the blizzard the smallest effulgence journeying along the snow pass.

Video uploaded by YouTube user WolfDiamond123

The rain falls and little by little the lights lose their form. Bulbs once of glass are now shoals of rainbow jellyfish, clusters of formless drift.


Amorphous skeletal lights yellow in dusken airs flare out in gloam gales, spectral bonds fractured, fading fragments scattered in blackness.


A viridian thread amuses itself, plunging through night tide, drawing patterns in the stars.

Video uploaded by YouTube user usuari0sdesconoci2


All music by Explosions in the Sky. An exceptional band and what I was listening to while I was writing these.


About skyraftwanderer

A person who enjoys writing short story things, poetry and other random things that come into my head.
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2 Responses to Lights (Fragments)

  1. D... says:

    I really like this, it’s like a virtual interactive gallery. One of music and words. Really cool!!!

    Your work ties in well with the musical pieces. At first I thought of it as a life cycle, a birth transitioning to life experiences and eventually the demise. But thinking about it more, it’s more of a journey.

    • Glad this worked out. First time I’ve tried anything like it.

      I do like the way Snow and Lights followed the snow storm fragment. Happened on incident too making it even better.

      In my mind its just a bunch of images but you can read them how you want (hooray for difference!). Also, Explosions in the Sky are amazing. Beyond words. Like music as religious experience.

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