Under Lights (Poems)

Under lights
ball resides at the
infinite strategies
to be explored

Under lights
tight spiral
eludes a
desperate grasp

Under lights
a broken line
the hordes
pour through

Under lights
a roving raider
destabilizes a
well made plan

Under lights
helmets and pads
crash together
in defense
of vital territories

Under lights
motion and confusion
leave an offense
in ruins

Under lights
a flying ball
reflected in
legions of helmets

Under lights
an errant
battle plan
turned against
would be

Under lights
a perfect pass
three defenders
left aghast

Under lights
snow storm

Under lights
ferocious hitting
some combatants
cannot hang on

Under lights
seven yard
screen pass
goes the

Under lights
wraithen phantasm
glides across the
turf drifting
through the
neither seen
nor touched
panic spreads

Under lights
a slip
unseen defender
taking it
seventy-four yards
the other way

Under lights
a long bomb
arcs over
an impregnable front
streaking towards
its target

Under lights
torrential rain
vital moment
undone by
a chance slip

Under lights
a cut
a juke to the right
defense finds
itself flat-footed

Under lights
a ball vanishes
then reappears
those few seconds
a crucial drop

Under lights
deep in their
own territory
the line
must be held
at all

Under lights
squad leaders
bark out signals
game of chess

Under lights
the field general
calms his men
before the
final push

Under lights
last second
filled with hope
and not much else

Under lights
armored units
roll forward
closing the
game out

Under lights
legends crystallize
their deeds
pass from

Under lights
shattered bodies
broken tackles
rest is needed
for all

Under lights
scattered footprints
the only record
of the battle

Under lights
the smell of victory
the stench of defeat

Under lights
end the carnage

Under lights
witnesses to
the battle
write in
their tomes

Under lights
an empty field
empty stands
all quiet
cheers and roars
long since


I do love football (of the American variety). One poem based on Tracy Porters interception that won the Saints the Superbowl (WHO DAT!) and one based on Red Grange, a running back nick named the Galloping Ghost.


About skyraftwanderer

A person who enjoys writing short story things, poetry and other random things that come into my head.
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5 Responses to Under Lights (Poems)

  1. D... says:

    You know what’s funny, is I wasn’t thinking pigskin at all. Just looking at the pattern I had thought how interesting. Then I thought of skipping rocks. When I read it, still didn’t think of football, but thought you could read it vertically like a haiku or left to right. Then I read that it was about football and was laughing at myself.

    Question, is there such a thing as reading too much into art? Because I might have done that just now. Sorry… 😦

    • To begin with it was just going to be a set of poems with the line “Under Lights”.. But then I did one about football and another and then the rest followed. Some are vague cause I used the similarities between football and military things.

      And no, you can read them how you want. Other views are great, makes me see my work in a whole new light.

  2. This is well constructed. I like the tightness of form in this poem – even the repeating pattern, which I feel adds a sense of bomb-like cuccussion to the reading. I didn’t read football at all, but I see it now that I’ve read your note. Your imagery is threaded so nicely that it allows for multiple readings. Thanks.

    • Thank you for the comment.

      I don’t think I initially meant for the repeating pattern but I wrote a few poems with “under lights” and enjoyed them so much that I decided to keep it. Glad you enjoyed the repetition.

      And I like the multiple readings. Makes me see things I wouldn’t normally see.

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