In between ideas, drafts and re-drafting I’ve been thinking about my writing and were its been lately.

And lately I’ve been mixing poetry and prose. And I like it. It’s fun for starters (the most important thing) and prose lets you do something you can’t do with poetry and vice versa. Plus both forms allow for different structures which are always fun to play around with.

And while I’ve been writing these things I’ve realised how at home I’ve felt while writing them. I mean, there not good or anything but when writing them I feel in a groove. It’s natural. And with everything I’ve been doing I may have found my niche. It’s pretty wizard.

Of course I could be doing something different next week.

Oh and I wish I could draw my own pictures. And take my own pictures. Except there’s no dinosaurs left to take pictures of. There are birds but that’s not quite the same. And my drawing ends at stick figures. I can make things with plasticine so there’s that.

Also a massive thank you to everyone who clicks, comments, reads and subscribes on/to this blog. I honestly can’t thank you enough so here’s a picture describing how I feel:

Also, updates may change and I may reserve Wednesdays just for Musings and similar things. Just a heads up. Again, that picture sums up how I feel about you people. All awesome.


Picture found here:

About skyraftwanderer

A person who enjoys writing short story things, poetry and other random things that come into my head.
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6 Responses to Musings

  1. Betty says:

    Thank you, Skyraftwanderer – I think all your readers would agree that your writing is awesome! 🙂

  2. D... says:

    You know what? You’re pretty wizard (I love that you’re still there for the cause).

    I think you are what we call a natural, you’re writing has a very organic feel to it. I think that’s why it’s so enjoyable. Also it’s been really cool to watch you develop and see the direction you are going in. Oh, oh, take pictures of lizards agains small items so they can look like dinosaurs.

    • Now have three people (including you) using wizard. Bringing it back!

      You know its nearly a year since I started this? Its taken that long to find a format I’m comfortable with. Its been nice.

      And thanks for being there along the way. Its been a lot more fun that way.

  3. simon7banks says:

    That picture at the top – giraffes have changed since I last saw them.

    Mixing prose with poetry is no doubt what medieval balladeers did and you still get it in folk and country music. Woody Guthrie did it a lot: shifting between rhythmic talking and singing.

  4. yoga-adan says:

    now that’s a thank you picture 😉 love it!

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