Sky Raft (Hermitage) (Poems and Fragments) (Set II)

Derailed mind in need of calm and respite against the Sky Rafts ongoing collapse amidst rot, infighting and jungle intrusions.

I left to the mountain peaks and deep forests, unable to return to a normal life. A clearing overlooked the Sky Raft. Here a hut of thatch and bamboo rose from the dust. A thicket fence followed, empty gate soon after. From the earth sprang a melon patch.

Deep within emerald peaks under clear azure the mind returned, aided by sonorous bird song and wide open silence as clothes became ragged and beard raged.

The jungle soon took notice of my humble abode. But harassment lead to tolerance becoming acceptance. The Archaeopteryx wait for my coming and goings. The deinonychus sit and wait for the feed that maintains our delicate truce. Deer is preferred.

A river runs through the forest. Sailed on a patchwork raft fishing for trout while avoiding the river whales. Clear water sailed in open radiance. Archaeopteryx fly over, taking fish from the box.  Cheek in their eyes. I smile back. Deinonychus follow from the shore in the bleaker months when the deer seek the last of the melon patch.

A long ago distance between me and the Sky Raft. Looking down during the night I ponder my happiness in solitude yet wistful memories still linger. I return to my hut in the rocks and moss, the roosting Archaeopteryx cheer me.


Thicket fence wrapped in bone white vine
its cavernous gaps leaped by jumping spiders

scruffiness in my garden, the Archaeopteryx in
their boredom tear at the fading melon plants in

shifting dust before leaping to the roof of thatch
amidst the rivers and mountains entwined in rocks and moss

as I watch the deinonychus tear strips from the deer carcass
that holds our friendship

in this pregnant emptiness of 10,000 peaks
emerald under azure.


After gorging on deer
the deinonychus roll in the morning sun

bellies too full to move.
I tend to my garden.


The best time to gather is after the deinonychus feed. The jungle is clear and if not, the beasts are too hungry to follow.

Herbs are gathered from the forest floor, multitudes of colours and a cavalcade of smells. Archaeopteryx follow from the canopy, tilted heads and subtle glances inquisitive yet confused.

The Archaeopteryx fly out awaiting my afternoon return. The deinonychus sleep in the garden, feeling the big meal legs flicking in dream land.


Clustered on the thatch roof
perched on the thicket fence

for friends on these emerald slopes I trust to
the Archaeopteryx taking scraps from my hand.


Mountain worn hands
crafting wild flowers
in intricate bunches.

Archaeopteryx heads
tilt in curiosity.


Confusion remains
but it does not stop

the Archaeopteryx scrambling around the yard
clutching wild flowers in many toothed beaks.


Sailing on crescent nights, stay close to shore.

Trout stream through the current and in the half split moonlight a silhouette follows. The stream pulls into the ink black shadow. Star river bellows resonate below the water line.

From the shore, viewed under the crescent moon the river whale rises, leaping, moonlight filling the creases on its scarred hull. It sinks below, its song echoing in the stars, a majestic sight.

From past encounters two previous rafts sail this river in abstraction.


Fireflies furrow through night currents
a lone deinonychus follows

snapping with curiosity and wonder
amber wisps reflected on serrated teeth

on waking
broken melons scattered throughout the yard.


Exo skeletal moths
ghost by leafen lantern
wraithen scales
tumble from
scrapbook wings.

Scrambling beetle drags one
back to a burrow.


Wandering the thicket fence
eyes welled with joy and pride

spectral moth clutched between bearded fangs
the jumping spider heading home.


Sprigs and leaf, crafted as a lantern
dangling from wooden staff, wizened

gazed upon, the only reminder of the Sky Raft
I know dwelling amongst the clouds – a sky raft wanderer.


Looking down on the Sky Raft.

Wondering who is still there, who has left and who the jungle has unwittingly taken.

The lights still shimmer with iridescence, hanging in the night, gentle drift. Nights have passed since I left, and every year less lights appear.

  Under gibbous nights the bridge sways under invisible footsteps. Coming or going, can’t be seen from high.

During the suns time the Sky Raft is lost to the branches and leaves. Gangways poke in and out of the trees, but the pillar of pagodas and tree houses cannot be seen.

Without lights, the bridge and the river are one.


Empty hoots
of swinging gibbons
silenced by
piercing deinonychus roars.

Silence follows
ruptured by Archaeopteryx
conversions beyond
my human space.


Occasional visitors venture through the empty gate
but the animals always seem to come by.




Sky Rafters forage on these viridian ridges
sometimes stumbling upon my hut loss in moss.

Some wave back, others do not.
It is all wordless transmission.


Under foot
viridian sheen

moss caught
in sunlight.


Under volumes of skeletal vines
the empty gate always open

tea lights hang from arcane tangles
while overhead in the dying light

Archaeopteryx cackle singing me home
along these wind ravaged paths

the only guides for this lonely recluse
coming and going in this dark enigma


Some poets and poems that inspired this:

First picture found here:

Pictures of Archaeopteryx found here:

Picture of gate found here:


About skyraftwanderer

A person who enjoys writing short story things, poetry and other random things that come into my head.
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4 Responses to Sky Raft (Hermitage) (Poems and Fragments) (Set II)

  1. Thomas Davis says:

    What makes this so effective is not only the story, but the juxtaposition of poetry into the prose. I have tried this with mixed results. The fact that you’ve pulled it off so well here means that there’s an iridescence in your sky raft that is sailing through the days and nights along the strands of silver spider webs.

  2. Lindy Lee says:

    “Clustered on the thatch roof
    perched on the thicket fence”

    “th” and “ch” alliteration, very catchy; dimeter non-rhyming couplet, musical; the whole lay out and combination prose & poetry, unique to skyraftwanderer’s own style. You create imagery trips above and beyond…

    • With this prose and poetry alignment I think I’ve finally got a preferred format. Its nice to see it working some what.

      And I’ve always liked imagery as well so if thats going good then I’m happy.

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