Julio Cortazar and his insect audience (and one spider) (3rd set) (Poems and Pictures)

Solitary light
could be the last
fails to hold the moths attention
incandescent words
emanating from Cortazar’s pages
keeps the lepidopteran
in raptures




Thundering down pour
lacewing shelters
delicate wings under
the crumpled spine of
Cortazar’s Hopscotch


Leaves and branches
into mesmeric Cortazar
stick insect remains


Ants jaws
hack, slash and mulch
a page of Cortazar’s Hopscotch
ripped and molded
into a sky raft
now to catch a breeze


Hopscotch of
Julio Cortazar’s improvisation
engaging, befuddling
pondered in
eight fold serenity
by a wandering
jumping spider


In candle light
firefly flares light
winding word trails


Sailing on yonder morning
waves of consonants and vowels
Cortazar rhythms
run under a chinese fortune bookmark
the fly sailing into
leafen shores


Emerging from a cocoon
of Cortazar pages
prose bled into
velvet flesh wings
butterfly escapes
brilliant in colour


Cortazar pages
drifting stalks
resting dragon-fly
observes a passage
before moving on


Team Photo:

All photos taken by me and all models made by me (Hence awfulness).

Also here I have to give credit to Aubrie Cox (http://yaywords.wordpress.com/) as I was inspired by her Haiku Doodles.


About skyraftwanderer

A person who enjoys writing short story things, poetry and other random things that come into my head.
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5 Responses to Julio Cortazar and his insect audience (and one spider) (3rd set) (Poems and Pictures)

  1. ebbtide says:

    love the imaginative spark that went into this! I think perhaps you have may given me ideas… 🙂

  2. Paintblotch says:

    This is just great skyraftwanderer!

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