Unfurling (Poems)

The 10,000 things
unfurl, unfurling
unfurling still
unfurling evermore


In wide open azure radiance
10,000 rainbows unfurl, unfurl

Tattered shroud shows only eyes
sense of anonymity unfurls, and unfurls

Darkness over azure
unfurls, unfurls

Staircase lost in time
unfurls, unfurls to no where particular

Mist emanates from wind bitten lips.
My breath unfurling, and unfurling joins the clouds

Snow wrapped peaks emblazoned in silence
disturbed by the unfurling lone gibbons roar

A dank backstreet puddle reflects a chimney.
In copy the smoke unfurls, and unfurls

 Unfurling, and unfurling. Unfurled,
dragon wings covering all under heaven

Crimson mist clears strange peaks.
The pine cones unfurl, and unfurl

Foraging hermit wanders snowy peaks.
In the lowlands the snow recedes. The world unfurling, unfurling

The dragon dance halts, storm clouds dissipate.
The azure sky unfurls, and unfurls.

Fading twilight, trailing clouds swell in amber
dragon fire flares unfurl, unfurl

Wrapped around emerald mist slopes the dragons
coils unfurl and unfurl

Two people meet in fortuity. Without coaxing,
the moment unfurls, and unfurls

Celestial peaks far from the realm of man.
Clouds just unfurl, and unfurl


Thunder storm ceases
the silence
unfurling, unfurling


These are all separate poems, which I wanted to stagger on top of each other. That’s about it.


About skyraftwanderer

A person who enjoys writing short story things, poetry and other random things that come into my head.
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7 Responses to Unfurling (Poems)

  1. rOni Fei says:

    I do the same for my haikus, all unfinished. Nice poems 🙂

  2. zumpoems says:

    This works, for me, as one poem — with a recurring motif. I think with some work you could bring these all together, in proper sequence and balance to create something pretty awesome.

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