Recluse (Poems)

Ashen scatter, Trout gorge creek blanketed
frozen rainbows in flowing ice. My raft rendered

still by winter deadlock. Snow capped mountains
look down with ice laden indifference.

In this deep cold magpie chatter has fallen silent,
fluttered off in search of spring. Among bare willows

black and white flashes no more. I return to my hut
amidst immortal pines, fire wood nestled under robes

foot prints crunched in the snow, the only remnant
of this recluse, comings and goings.


Wandering through these wind strewn paths
ten thousand peaks tear at banners of trailing

loam in azure twilight. Waterfalls roll from
immortal white crane heights, blues

plunging into viridian. The  ten thousand peaks
touch ten thousand stars, the place where

dragons dance and play. From this celestial
height free from dust and thought

it’s just this one recluse faded into worn
grey peaks watching all under heaven unfurl, and unfurl.


Sheer crescent cliff painted in brush stroke
clear deep canvas of radiant azure.

Wind adjusts routes for caravans of clouds,
avoiding the grey weather scarred ridges.

Down below, crossing through dragon scale gorge I meander through bamboo thickets, watch silent gibbon acrobatics

black fur swing through slanted emeralds. Time here
ensnared in vine green grasps, constricted into dust.

A fellow recluse, an exhilaration. Under hanging willows
silent talk swirls in wine cups, vast smiles swell

before our ten year farewell. Night blurs over and I
look up and smile, the moon shining on us both in this vast emptiness.


Again, the poems and poets that inspired these:

Picture the first found here:

Pictures the second and third found here:


About skyraftwanderer

A person who enjoys writing short story things, poetry and other random things that come into my head.
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31 Responses to Recluse (Poems)

  1. brian miller says:

    nice…a very moving piece..and great visuals through out …i was there through it all and gave my smile at the end in the reunion of sorts…

    hey your link is not working over at dverse…is this the one you wanted to link?

  2. I love how each verse is so completely full of such bold images. Soft and dreamy yet strangely vivid, and real. I’m awestruck!

  3. Xyldrae says:

    good diction and imagery…

  4. zumpoems says:

    This is wonderfully beautiful in both images and sound!

  5. Robert says:

    I love the vastness and cold desolation portrayed in these – “ice laden indifference” and “10,00 peaks touch 10,00 stars”. I shivered just reading it. The pictures you have selected complement the verses perfectly.

    • Thank you for the comment.

      The picture selection took a lot longer than I expected but it’s good seeing the hard work come off.

      I like the fact the vastness was recognized. Given the size and distance in ancient China, it’s something I was aiming for (I know China is still big but modern communication technology shrinks it somewhat).

  6. Evelyn says:

    “The 10,000 peaks
    touch 10,000 stars”
    numbers hold such significance.

  7. claudia says:

    great images throughout…i was hooked from the first part on with all the winter visuals…then the touch of myth with the dragons..and the closure made me smile..

  8. Gay says:

    Beyond the images you describe, you capture timelessness where man and nature, man’s nature and his spirit all become one. The very essence of Eastern thought and spirituality. Excellent.

  9. Beth Winter says:

    I don’t know what I can add to the comments already here. As I read, I felt a sense that I belonged here in this vision, that I related closely, intimately to the peaks and cherished the dragons.

  10. Love the images and the journey. Beautifully done!

  11. David King says:

    A real odyssey, that captured me from the beginning with its vivid imagery.

  12. wow, this is incredible. I love the word choices, so, so, so strong. Visual indeed but more than that, you could have captured the same intended mental picture with words less powerful, but by using the words you chose you just opened up the imagery so much more. Perhaps I’m not conveying it exactly how I mean, probably would have to write much longer than appropriate in a comment to do so. But this piece, with separate but whole snippets of verse, mental and visual combined aspects, paint the scene so well. Outstanding piece. Thanks, really enjoyed the read.

  13. Blue Flute says:

    I really liked the dream-like quality of the poem and felt like I actually stepped into the dream, seeing all these images from ancient China. Your selections of classical Chinese art and poetry combinations enhanced the power of the words and reinforced the dream-like sense.

  14. Chazinator says:

    I loved the way you attempted to render the spirit of the pictures in wonderful images and sentiments. These pictures are so alien, yet inspirational to me. You capture the wonder of them so well in your poems.

  15. wonderful imagery…the words are so emotive and the speed of the piece flows along leading the reader on to the climax…and what amazing pics…love it!

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