City Sketches (Poems)

Silvered mists roll in from the bay
streaks of star light buried in the fog,

boats left trailing in misted wakes. Pillars of
steel and glass snake into fog blighted highs, in

hazed airs the incessant swirl of abstracted neon
and the drift of amorphous street light.

Local drawls echo from side wind streets.
drowned out by the number 5 wail.

A red line lingers in the miasma.


A desolate back street inscribed with scribbled rainbow glyphs
enlivened only by the skitter of rat paws hustled

by cat claws. In cobble stills fermented rainwater resides
rippleless. Smoke rises from chimneys, neon flickers –

blue in green, red sequences to purple, gold blurs to black.
A car passes through, scraps fly from a back door.

Reflected in multiple miniature universes
in copy the world unfurls, and unfurls.


Under street lamps crowds mill around shop fronts,
push and pull in accordance with window displays.

Lightly bathed by the delicate tumbles of sheeted rain
the surge commences as I, unsighted – an urban recluse

returns to my notepad on the cafe table, scrambling down
poems, disappearing in the azure mists of steaming tea.


First picture found here:

Second picture found here:

Third picture found here:

Same as the Chinese style I’ve been working with, but with a different subject matter.


About skyraftwanderer

A person who enjoys writing short story things, poetry and other random things that come into my head.
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15 Responses to City Sketches (Poems)

  1. D... says:

    Happy New Year my friend!!!!

    I like your cities, the perspective feels like a visitor, a traveler that has made their way through these cities. Observing the feelings, but not like home, there’s a feeling of detachment almost. But then, maybe that’s my bias.

    • They are written from distance, so I can see the detachment. Like a really long distance.

      Like an oceans distance. Also, lord knows I have an obsession with this theme. And on some level, I still I’m trying to recapture an old poem I wrote and if I’m being honest, I don’t think I’m even close.

  2. brian miller says:

    nice…love writing while i am out and about…nice textures and descriptions of the city too…you capture it well and make us a part of it….

  3. hedgewitch says:

    Quite a bath of visual impressions, noise and light…esp like “in copy the world unfurls, and unfurls…” Good stuff, very vivid.

  4. what a scene you paint here! loved ” Pillars of
    steel and glass snake into fog blighted highs, in

    hazed airs the incessant swirl of abstracted neon
    and the drift of amorphous street light.” – and many more throughout, my favourite type of writing is surreal writing – and this has many surreal twists and turns which I enjoyed greatly! many great wordplays too! the whole thing was very well done and I enjoyed reading this from dVerse! nice work! OT

  5. I love the subtle abstract imagery mixed with the real and bold. The images you used are amazing and are a perfect fit for this post! Have I told you how much I love your blog by the way? 🙂

    • Thank for the comment.

      The picture selection has gone from random to hours trawling through Google images. Nice to see it paying off.

      And a thousand thank you’s for the compliment. Once in a while I get it good.

  6. the word bar says:

    Now this is writing from the gut.. tell you why.. you wrote out un filtered observations on the world around you and presented to us a 3D poem..
    really a fine poem my friend.

  7. Ravenblack says:

    Lots of great details and imagery in your poem — so much color. Awesome urban poem.

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