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(Recluse) South Mountain (Final)

Boundless and empty to townsfolk, South Mountain peaks. But here immortals dance among indomitable pines. Above the sun blue herons fly into paper folded clouds – azure heaven change – clouds the body, clouds the wings. Sonorous bird songs radiant … Continue reading

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(Recluse) Recluse Paths in Moonlight (Poems)

Raft settled in Carp Tail Cove, oar song fallen silent. Ancient trees bracket recluse paths, thatch hut light shines through pine green veils. Cook smoke drifts, your bramble gate must be open. Our last meeting lost to dust, and so … Continue reading

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(Recluse) Meeting, Farewell and Solitude (Poems)

Sail on Dusk Colour River, Encountering Trout Lone raft on Dusk Colour River, sail filled with the North Wind. Trout flaps in an abandoned net, moonlight shimmer on rainbow scales. Cut loose, quicksilver into azure depths. Waterfalls rage nearby: if … Continue reading

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Magpie (Poems)

“All the birds that were singing Have flown except you alone” And in the branches, a magpie appeared, the third of the day. ~~~ Park wanderings under sun drenched clouds in azure music flowing “All the birds that were singing … Continue reading

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Recluse (South Mountain) (Overflow)

Morning wanders by my hut water stirs. I glance outside. Blue herons fly to South Mountain, jade tiger rises from a stream. ~~~ Uninvited morning wanders through my empty door. I glance outside, water stirs. Jade tiger rises from a … Continue reading

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Recluse (South Mountain) (Poems)

Open bramble gate, morning lets itself in, eyes open in welcome. Water stirs – a glance outside. A jade tiger rises, blue herons fly to South Mountain. ~~~ Forage through herb abundance on South Mountain sunlight pooled in cassia leaves. … Continue reading

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The Day It Rained Poetry (Poem)

The clouds rolled over and stayed there and got heavier, heavier and heavier still. The clouds cracked and the cracks got wider, wider and wider still until the contents poured out. Pages of poetry rained down, swirling on breezes, plastering … Continue reading

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One year of blogging

Or how I learned to stop worrying and love poetry. I had intended to do a big post about this, but I lost the urge for that. Maybe it’s just the way I don’t do celebrations or anniversary things well … Continue reading

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Bramble Gate (Poems)

Your bramble gate open and empty winter snow blossoms can visit as they please His hut is empty ravens sit on the roof. From the closed bramble gate footsteps lead to the clouds From one mountain to another a light … Continue reading

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Recluse (River) (Poems)

Autumn flares out, its flame burst clouds strewn about misted cliff sides, loam whites of winter taking their place. A stiff willow breeze, ten thousand things withdrawn to burrows and immortal pine heights. First snows stream down, duckweed carpets of … Continue reading

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