(Recluse) Meeting, Farewell and Solitude (Poems)

Sail on Dusk Colour River, Encountering Trout

Lone raft on Dusk Colour River, sail filled
with the North Wind. Trout flaps in an

abandoned net, moonlight shimmer on rainbow
scales. Cut loose, quicksilver into azure depths.

Waterfalls rage nearby: if we meet again,
you may be the ruler of this domain.


By Cinnabar Creek, Drawn Out Fare Well

Standing by Cinnabar Creek, water flows south.
The horses know parting nears. Last cup of

wine shared, then solemn watch as you ride
into empty cloud slopes. Dusk surges, silence swells,

broken by a magpie call. A bridge between us,
spanning star river distance.


By Moonlit Pond

Moonlight blazes on duckweed green,
snowy egrets wade and watch

but the catfish are wise. Gazed in
solitude, chanting silent sutra’s.


Poems and poets that inspired: http://skyraftwanderer.blogspot.com/2012/01/two-chinese-poems.html

Picture one found here: http://www.rebeccanemser.com/1990/11/a-tribute-to-kojiro-tomita/

Picture two found here: http://www.chinaculturecenter.org/culture/content.php?cid=302&id=391

Picture three found here: http://www.christies.com/LotFinder/lot_details.aspx?intObjectID=5515010

About skyraftwanderer

A person who enjoys writing short story things, poetry and other random things that come into my head.
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4 Responses to (Recluse) Meeting, Farewell and Solitude (Poems)

  1. Lindy Lee says:

    Word imagery floats along quite nicely with the visuals. Thank you, skyraftwanderer, for this lovely post…

  2. D... says:

    Hmm…we’re going to have a tour of Asia one day my friend. I can’t wait to see what you’d write when you’ve been to some of those villages first hand. Although they’re tearing them down quick so we’ll have to hurry. Get your passport and visa ready and don’t forget your shots.

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