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Origami and Plasticine

Paper folding is a most fun thing. Hence, this: Afternoon with the Birds (Featuring Plasticine Recluse): Picture by me! Hence awfulness. ~~~ And here’s some more!

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Feelings make no sense. On some days, they are just something you just want to kick in the face. Other days less so. Some long time visitors will be aware of Wowzers aka Cute Waterstones Girl. I still like here. … Continue reading

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Thousand Paper Cranes

Idle drift in mulberry beams, paper lanterns shine down on ink pots empty and cracked, wooden floor mangled in ink. Paper crumples strewn in corners vast, rendered strips hang from a bureau. Jade and azure robes slumber, face planted in … Continue reading

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Where do the lost poems go?

They take leave through open windows on paper rafts and day-dream passages. They meander through a haze of jumbled letters and words shunted in and out of space. But after that, where do the lost poems go? Do they await … Continue reading

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Lost in Babel

Somewhere in that construction assembled book by book hexagon by hexagon in the visions of Jorge Luis Borges there lies a depot where all of the words typed, scribbled, imagined from futures presents, pasts, are collected, categorised and catalogued so … Continue reading

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Lost Poem Depository

It’s not a busy place, the lost poem depository. Sheltered in a mulberry grove and made up of thatch and bamboo it’s always open. When snow perches on bamboo stalks, rain basins in cassia leaves, willows sweep away stray maple … Continue reading

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Train Stop Romance

Breath hangs in the air taking it’s time in idle dissipation before rising to star mottled heavens. thacka, thacka, thacka, thacka, thacka. A look around synchronization of eye lines (even for a second) and from there it’s all based on … Continue reading

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This is a Strange Land

This is a Strange Land. The forests are made of sequoia candles taking five thousand years to burn down. At full kindle the stars are whited out. The ocean resides on a tortoise-shell moving in accordance with tortoise whims. Whales … Continue reading

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Sail on Dusk Colour River, Late Spring

Dusk colour gorge sheathed in emerald blankets, rising into sheer cliffs of auburn cinnabar, all underpinned by the fathomless flow of azure clarity. Snowy Egrets nest in pine top heights clear of dust. On white sand shores gibbons howl towards … Continue reading

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I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe…

Birds of flame spiral down from the sky near the Mulberry tree. I watched a bridge of magpies span the depths of the Star River… ~~~ Immortals riding cranes on the edges of Heaven. I watched dragons and whales rage … Continue reading

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