This is a Strange Land

This is a Strange Land.

The forests are made of sequoia candles
taking five thousand years to burn down.
At full kindle the stars
are whited out.

The ocean resides on a tortoise-shell
moving in accordance with tortoise whims.
Whales leap beside forests and mountains,
deserts and tundras on any given cycle.

The rivers are spider webs, liquid filaments
spun down by the shore.
Aquatic animals are forever trapped
and taken at the spiders leisure.

The mountains are ordered by two.
Some are normal, stationary whilst
others are on the back of a crocodile
shifting belly side over canyons and gorges.

The clouds are vast aerial caves
where the natives dwell, peering down
on the roving ocean – looking
out for prowling cloud dragons.

The sun and moon are two
vast birds forever circling
in a dual colour sequence
turning the sky gold and silver.

The sky however is completely normal.

This is a Strange Land.


Off hand poem scribbled this morning.


About skyraftwanderer

A person who enjoys writing short story things, poetry and other random things that come into my head.
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8 Responses to This is a Strange Land

  1. a lovely surreal landscape…some of the images are so beautifully vivid. I do like whales leaping near forests, and mountains, and even deserts…for an off hand poem it’s pretty good!

  2. simon7banks says:

    I like this – the mixture of fantasy and humour.
    I am though getting a bit fed up with WordPress demanding I login and give details even just to like something!

  3. Lindy Lee says:

    “The sun and moon…circling in a dual colour sequence turning the sky gold and silver”, imagery simply glorious. This is beautiful poetry, skyraft, as is your style…

  4. edpilolla says:

    strange and wonderful and magical. thanks for the ride. the images rocked. great read. liked the humor about the sky at the end followed by the title. a worthy close to a very fine piece.

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