All Those Moments…

Ever present tumble,
sheeted rain
forever long.

“I mean, really, I’ve never seen a better throw.”
“Even better than – ”

Footprints don’t hold in puddles.

“Hey, hey! Get off my
car! Filthy scrag!”

Hidden in reflections, rags and feathers,
chased out by fedora and overcoat,

“As I wa – what the hell was that?!
Seriously, what the?”

they run through worlds
real and copied

“I’m telling you, there’s something
moving through the cars.”
“What ever you say chief”.

the chase in ten thousand falling realities

“It moving?” – “Probably not.”
“How you know?” – “Well we ain’t moving.”

splinters and repeats,
ends and rebirths

“So yeah…I gotta go…
I’ll see you tonight…huh…
I’ll find out tomorrow.”

Sirens wail,
traffic shunts forward in stuttered steps.

“Turn the f’king thing off!
We can’t cause no trouble!”

Strings of neon shatter on chrome alleyways.

“I know it’s a traffic jam, but man,
city at night, beautiful.”
“Dude, shut up.”

Barefoot dash to the main street.

“Nah, Cortazar’s the best writer.” – “Prove it”.
“You’ve read Hopscotch, right?”

Footprints don’t hold in puddles,
so many moments lost in rain.


Neon chimes
“All Day Breakfast”

“I know it looks, but I’m hungry. That hungry”
“Not the best day?” – “Had a great day, but this wasn’t it”

sheeted rainfall falling over idle crowds.

“Watch where your running!”

Stained napkins dot scatty tables,
bulwarks between the dirty plates,
the porters stopped caring,

“Where’d you get it?”
“Somewhere.” – “C’mon now”.

some seats have been taken
some inhabitants dressed sharpish
overs less than so.

“…” – “I know you saw who planted it.”
“…” – “This paper unicorn, c’mon, you know more than your letting on.”

Rags and feathers seeks the gaps

“Show some goddamn manners!”

fedora and overcoat maintain the distance

“That way! That way! The things down there!”

barefoot switch to a building
the boarded up monolith beckons.


Remnants of the street
speckled over ancient carpets,
bust city streaks blue light through boarded windows,
dust blooms in luminescent shafts.

…Rats scatters from steps to ground.
Coyote maintains a vigil…

Someone hits the stairs,
elevator’s slow to respond,
picks up pace, slowly.

…but its yet to figure the door.

Footfalls echo,
elevator lurches ever upward.

…Light flickers incessantly,

Doors splutter open,
feathers hang in low light,
coat billows round a corner.

…the moths been here for weeks.

Down they run,

…TV wheezes in decayed light
“ time, like tears, in rain.”

through ten thousand corridors,

…There’s an old man.
Been in the same chair for two days.

marked by,

…Somethings being built. All angles and lines.
Takes up an entire table.

ten thousand doors,

…Thousand paper cranes line the walls.

the infinite happening,

…Bowl of rice streaming on a table.
Poems scattered near by. Not ordered yet.

behind each one.

…A happy family. Next week they’ll have enough money.

Footfalls echo in stairwells,
forever rising.


Barefoot skate over the weather worn rooftop.

Sheeted rainfall ever-present.

blue light flickers between slow turning fans.
Smoke plumes in leaden airs.
Neon blurs rage in the dead light.

One clears the concrete gorge,
one hangs by pleading fingers,

loose grip, looser still.
Idle eyes stare, and stare,
from behind a mask of rags and feathers.

Finger tips begs the rain to stop.

Garbage cans rattle in unison.
Idle eyes stare, and stare.


“Shi…what happened to him? Hope he
has a better one.”

Soaked overcoat torn and tattered.

“Hey! Wait in line! I got ribs! Who wanted ribs!?”
“Over here!” – “Alright, whose got next?!”

A white dragon flickers, and flickers.

“Two bowls. Two” – “Four?”
“No, not four. Two”.

The noodle bar’s full,
a man needs better luck than this.

“I’ll take four. Anyways, shoulda seen it…”

A river of bicycles
idly flows by
under a weave of hanging lanterns.

All lost in time.


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Yes, I do love Blade Runner. How’d you know?


About skyraftwanderer

A person who enjoys writing short story things, poetry and other random things that come into my head.
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18 Responses to All Those Moments…

  1. simonhlilly says:

    Nice camera action

  2. claudia says:

    splinters and repeats,
    ends and rebirths….
    footprints don’t hold in puddles…moments lost to the rain…whew..what a write…yeah…felt like in the middle of a film with the spotlight going from one space to the next…great..

  3. brian miller says:

    fascintaing piece…the form and inclusion of the dialog make this very fresh for me…this def has a cinematic quality to it that is very cool…wicked write…

  4. poemsofhateandhope says:

    Totally engaging and great narrative. It conjured up that postmodern vision that is so prevalent in Bladerunner- but of course you totally made this your own. The language and the form had my eyes skipping all over the page….quite a skill to make poetry so cinematic…there’s something about the dark city , the steam rising frm the grates that I just love

  5. joanbarrettroberts says:

    Wow — you blew me away – super read fast paced ever watching for your next move — it is close to experiencing a film!! Your images and words flowed effortlessly — giving the reader complete control to experience their fabulous ride! Thank you!

  6. Alex Dissing says:

    Honestly, I’m always overwhelmed by the length of your work at first sight, but it moves along so fast, so smooth. I love the images… and, oh, the photos, too. “All lost in time” … great ending line.

  7. 1emeraldcity says:

    Can I be leading lady in your next film? Wow! Only thing missing here was the popcorn. You are an original!

  8. Chazinator says:

    I thought I head some Blade Runner in there, then saw the credits at the end. This really builds in momentum as it moves along. The action scenes are like disembodied echoes from a ghost realm or something. Really interesting what you’re trying to do here.

  9. Chazinator says:

    Should be “thought I heard”

  10. Beth Winter says:

    This is really an incredible read. I read line by line first, regardless of justification and picked up one message. Then I read the beautiful poetry down the center, then the conversations left and right. Four different conversations at once. This is a crowded room but one filled with fascinating character.

  11. joanna says:

    this really is rather cinematic. my favorite line: “footprints don’t hold in puddles…” loved all the neon imagery, too.

  12. Elliot says:

    an artful take on one of my favorite movies of all time

  13. lesleehare says:

    thanks for a breathless read – looking forward to more!

  14. Lindy Lee says:

    As always, much to concentrate upon, Skyraft; very creative…

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