Origami Buddha

Designed by Hojyo Takashi.

This has taken me a while. And it’s very, very, VERY rough around the edges. But, it’s the first time I’ve finished him. The first time I’ve crossed the hundred folding instructions mark, and the first time I’ve folded something (badly) that has been classed as complex. So in spite of his, lets call it character I’ve impossibly happy as I folded him, and he’s my Buddha fold, and nothing can that away from me.

Still, I’ll be having another go in a few weeks.

Still, very, very happy.

And here’s the rest:

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A person who enjoys writing short story things, poetry and other random things that come into my head.
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12 Responses to Origami Buddha

  1. ellisnelson says:

    Absolutely lovely!!!

  2. Uber groovy, and I love how in folding the Buddha you I am sure came to understand DharmaKaya better. Peace.

    • Thank you for the comment.

      Should mention this was like my eighth attempt. At times I wanted to kill it. Sometimes paper don’t fold like is supposed to. It’s good for developing patience and understanding.

  3. Ravenblack says:

    This is very cool. And this is a complex one too. 🙂
    I can’t remember the last time I played at folding paper. I think I might try something simple maybe this weekend.

  4. Absolutely incredible.

  5. Wow! Incredibly complex! Congrats.

  6. D... says:

    Me thinks a Buddha must have character, if he is to reach enlightenment he must go through trials and tribulations.

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