Kabuto Dream

The sunlight bounces from one mulberry leaf to the next.
It’s the following eyes that fade first, before the rest shunts into sleep.

Then he lay deep in the earthen hollow belonging neither to sleep or wake
then he shifted through vast layers, and splintered the strongest tree
then he rode the eastern currents carving the multiple clouds into fours
then he wielded black lightening arcs to hurl rivals over forests and mountains
then he set the process in motion all over again.

The sunlight bounces from one mulberry leaf to another.
A kabuto mushi crosses the overhead branches.
The man just wonders, and wonders.

Japanese Rhinoceros Beetle Kabutomushi Geoff Read


Image found here: http://livinginaizu.blogspot.co.uk/2010/07/kabutomushi-kids.html


About skyraftwanderer

A person who enjoys writing short story things, poetry and other random things that come into my head.
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13 Responses to Kabuto Dream

  1. Strong poem! Love the stag beetle, too.

  2. Stan Ski says:

    … and wonders…

  3. So, I had to look up the Kabuto Mushi after reading your piece, and it’s bigger than I imagined. It’s quite an amazing looking creature. There’s a real dreaminess here of imagination and wonder that I really appreciate 🙂

  4. There is something that I really like about the very first line and the very last. The very first line gives such a cool image and the final line I read more than once – provocative of thought which is perfect considering your choice of words. 🙂

  5. Ursa Bowers says:

    Amazing! Every description is a surprise; a gasp of wonder at the world and its ever-shifting loveliness.

  6. Such a wonder, lovely descriptions and what a fabulous beetle, he’s so small but his world so huge. Nice!

  7. Yes, you sent me to Goog;e too for something other than translate. A very descriptive creature you selected. I enjoyed very much.

  8. Ruth says:

    it’s beautiful! your poem… and i don’t even know what to say, what makes it beautiful to me, reading – maybe the completeness of it, the mystery that is there still, the dreamlike quality of the writing. thank you for this

  9. lucychili says:

    it sounds like a story from a japanese woodcut. amazing beetle =)

  10. joanna says:

    That, in imagery and in image, is some beetle. Reading the link post made me nostalgic for Japan, though I have been there only briefly.

  11. kkkkaty says:

    Love the opening line and the descriptiveness of this powerful little insect 😉

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