Red Brush Coat

The red brush coat of a wandering fox
by his hut it foraged every night.
The red brush coat of a wandering fox
through cage bars gazed at a piecemeal moon.
The red brush coat of a wandering fox
left a picked lock, and a trailing follower hatchet in hand.
The red brush coat of a wandering fox
lead him under low slung valleys and over dragon high mountains.
The red brush coat of a wandering fox
went its separate ways in a nine fold vision.

One danced down recluse paths flooded with moonlight,
one melted into forests of emerald,
one frolicked on cliff sides laden with ice,
one tested the heat of the rising sun,
one lost all form in ten thousand rivers,
one rested in a monks empty mind,
one surged through cloud peak canyons,
one faded into thick sand storms,
and the last one merely foraged where it pleased.

He followed one, and then another, and then another.

An old man swears he see’s red brush strokes everywhere,
and every once in a while,
a red brush coat burst from a forest or cliff side
to unfurl his chase
just a little more.


Image found here:

Another poem I wrote before NaPoWriMo. Must have been thinking of foxes. And Eevee from Pokemon. And its eeveelutions.

Vaporeon is so awesome.



About skyraftwanderer

A person who enjoys writing short story things, poetry and other random things that come into my head.
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12 Responses to Red Brush Coat

  1. Lindy Lee says:

    Your Red Brush Coat fox has rhythm & great appeal & is cleverly ubiquitous; excellent writing…

  2. simonhlilly says:

    Sly Renardine, quick-tongued as always!

  3. Great rythm and repitions… very cool

  4. claudia says:

    nice…i will keep my eyes open for red brush strokes…i like how you span the tale into today..

  5. brian miller says:

    ha…well written…your rhythm is enchanting…makes me wonder a bit at the things we chase…you know…smiles.

  6. Must keep chasing those clues until the riddle is solved.

  7. terrific use of repetition and cadence, works so, so well. The imagery is vibrant and engaging. Great storytelling. Love this. Thanks

  8. Charles says:

    Back to true form. Enchanting as always, lovely, magical, graceful in thought and execution.

  9. Kelvin S.M. says:

    …ha, i think of nine tails too & a bit of Naruto series… and what fun all throughout the entire read… it was like re-telling something i had once been familiar into… smiles… i enjoyed it!

  10. Very myth like in the telling… Wonderful poem, and love the picture too!

  11. Yousei Hime says:

    Evee, Vaporeon, Flareon, Jolteon, Umbreon, Espeon, Glaceon, Leafeon–maybe not the most powerful but one of the cutest pokemon. Ninetails, gotta love it. How many folktales/fables have the fox as a character? Enjoyed the post.

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