I wandered the empty and vast purple sage.
Back leg bad shank. A coyote wheezing in the hot sun.
Never a taunt a coyote he said,
Looks like a lesson well learned.
Droll. Jackrabbits skip across the horizon. So hungry.
I’ll need more of a reason to do that. Or reasons if you want a challenge.
I can see your hunger. A great return. All I ask is the legs.
The horizon is a nice place. With a dead rabbit. Missing legs.
Well, a rabbits still a rabbit. Thank you.
The grin was imbued with curious malevolence.

Now everyday is Tuesday.
Never welch on a deal with a coyote.


Image found here:—6-days.aspx

Tricksters are tricky.


About skyraftwanderer

A person who enjoys writing short story things, poetry and other random things that come into my head.
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1 Response to Coyote

  1. zumpoems says:

    “Never welch on a deal with a coyote” — great line — trying to figure out “now every day is Tuesday” — very elusive this one — made me re-read. Enjoyed. One minor typo “Never ->a<- taunt a coyote he said,"

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