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Feelings make no sense. On some days, they are just something you just want to kick in the face. Other days less so. Some long time visitors will be aware of Wowzers aka Cute Waterstones Girl. I still like here. … Continue reading

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One year of blogging

Or how I learned to stop worrying and love poetry. I had intended to do a big post about this, but I lost the urge for that. Maybe it’s just the way I don’t do celebrations or anniversary things well … Continue reading

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I like…

I like being scruffy. Impeccably scraggly. I know we should all want to look professional and clean but I love it when my jeans are shredded, my T-shirts are multi coloured swirls and my sneakers are ragged. I like my … Continue reading

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In between ideas, drafts and re-drafting I’ve been thinking about my writing and were its been lately. And lately I’ve been mixing poetry and prose. And I like it. It’s fun for starters (the most important thing) and prose lets … Continue reading

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Mansion (Thoughts and Musings)

Just three ways I could approach this: 1) Maintain the second person narrative and work more on the story. It is kind of hard to write reactions in the second person though. 2) Change to a first person narrative. Reactions … Continue reading

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This really isn’t anything. Just a few thoughts on my writing and what I can and can’t do. Or maybe it’s not what I can’t do but what I have immense trouble with. I really wish that I could write … Continue reading

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