Stone Statue Of Jizo Wearing A Shade

Designed by Toyoaki Kawai

I’ve folded this before. But it’s so fun to do I’ve done it again.

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Young Pteranodon

Designed by Nguyen Hung Cuong.

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Starless Black

Moons great light pools in thousand cloud peaks
under starless black a bell rings without cessation.
Lone wanderer caught in a slow flurry of wandering bones
empty pages know nothing of the words that will never land.

thousand cloud peaks moons great light lost
under starless black bells ring with river deep sorrow
bones of the starved follow wanderers down dust laden streets
words will never arrive on these empty pages


Picture one found here:

Picture two found here:

Skeletons. Giant ones. And I debated using the first picture. Because its terrifying.

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Monks Shadow

fragments of moon flickers lie in a bamboo grove
pagoda peaks sink into monks shadow hulling rice
the lantern lit pathways are crowded by a fox procession
floating words abandon empty pages for heavens bridge


Moon flickers fracture on idle bamboo,
a monks shadow stretches beyond a thousand mountain peaks.

The middle road is sealed by a procession of foxes,
pages empty as floating words seek heavens column.


Image the first found here:

Image the second found here:

More yokai orientated fun.

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When dogs and origami mix

Was Toyoaki Kawai’s Mask of Hannya. Then my dog got it. Best I’d ever made it too.

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Mask of Myouou

Designed by Toyoaki Kawai. Second attempt. Got it better this time around.

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wandered moon fingers ghost through rain stream spaces
in heavy dark swords glint for ceremony and nothing more
blue flame drifts from one empty candle to another
stray poems burn in trails of blazing azure


Image found here:

I’m liking this yokai/moon/broken poems stuff. Think I’ll make a run of it.

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Slow Arc

The moon vaults along a slow arc,
a painted face silences chattering lanterns.
Two tailed cats dance in the trailing mist
empty pages shall not be filled on this night.


Image found here:

Inspired by Keiji Mutoh aka The Great Muta:

Video by YouTube user ABTROGDOR

Video by YouTube user annsinninnsann

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Extreme Speed

Flicker and hum.
Neon tangles manifest as temples.
Clear and empty.
Open road of black azure.
Roar, and roaring.
Red motorcycle at extreme speed.


Tangled neon. Flickering temples.
Open road. Black azure.

Red motorcycle at extreme speed.
Tail light lingers, then passes.


Red motorcycle at extreme speed.
Tail lights loiter but for a second.

Tangled neon in flickering temples fade, and fade
as the empty road opens, and opens.


Neon tangles have fashioned themselves into temples.
Hum and flicker.
Open road of black azure that just is.
Clear and empty.
Red motorcycle at extreme speed under dipper light.
Roar and roaring.




Emerald forests in vast.
Jade peaks of height.
Azure rivers of depth.
Empty heaven in space.
Ancient flame at extreme speed across the four realms.


Gibbon howls emanate from emerald forests.
Clouds snag on jade peaks at immense heights.
Dragons dance through the innumerable depths of azure rivers.
Empty heaven so vast the roc can’t cross over it all.
At extreme speed the ancient blaze in the four realms all at once.




Image one found here:

Image two found here:

Playing with a phrase. Well, a Pokemon move.

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Wind up birds uncoil songs amongst the locked roads.
A face blazes with the audacity of traffic lights changing.

Lights flicker of things mother said not to look at that.
Smiling Buddhas in a row sit in the great neon dipper.


A flock of wind up birds uncoil their songs.
A face blazes with the audacity of traffic lights changing.

Signs flicker of things momma said you shouldn’t look at.
A row of smiling Buddha’s sit in the great neon dipper.


Image found here:

Not too much difference between poems this time.

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