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Sky Raft (Hermitage) (Poems and Fragments) (Set II)

Derailed mind in need of calm and respite against the Sky Rafts ongoing collapse amidst rot, infighting and jungle intrusions. I left to the mountain peaks and deep forests, unable to return to a normal life. A clearing overlooked the … Continue reading

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Feathered Dinosaurs (Poems)

Spectral feather glide mangled carapaces silent on leaf litter ~~~ Wraith bone cloud fractures interstellar light raps on viridian canopies. Sinornithosaurus motions through branches moths tread air evading the tooth laden maw. Momentary distraction of moon beam furrows gliding wing … Continue reading

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Room and Garden (Mansion)

Room The door is wrapped in vines, splintered and cracked on the verge of collapse in the face of relentless constriction. The handle is strangled by a creeper. Pushing the door it half opens, half disintegrates. Vines dangle from should … Continue reading

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