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Truth in Abstraction

I Under a hollow sky grey worn concrete listens scream of a solitary car. “Just want to write something. anything. been too long. Mind, liquid pencil. You know.” Jazz tickets on the dash. (solo performer – no net over absurdity) … Continue reading

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The Day It Rained Poetry (Poem)

The clouds rolled over and stayed there and got heavier, heavier and heavier still. The clouds cracked and the cracks got wider, wider and wider still until the contents poured out. Pages of poetry rained down, swirling on breezes, plastering … Continue reading

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Jack Kerouac and Freight Trains

Human beings encounter a great many things during the course of a lifetime. Whether it be other people, film, music, literature or simply day-to-day events human beings build up a vast catalogue of experiences. Sometimes these experiences collide and seeing … Continue reading


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